Data dodania



  • Assistance in updating the content of education related to practical issues
  • Participation of companies in the process of educating students as part of practical studies
  • Consulting the directions of WARiE's activities in the field of education quality, stimulating new and creative forms and methods of implementing the education process
  • Cooperation in the implementation of diploma theses
  • Cooperation with companies in the field of organization and implementation of internships and trips for students
  • Co-operation in the field of training by the companies of students and employees
  • Cooperation in acquiring infrastructure and equipping laboratories

Scientific and R&D cooperation:

  • Proposing new research directions oriented to the current market needs
  • Assistance in the transfer of newly developed technologies and solutions
  • Cooperation in the acquisition and implementation of projects
  • Research carried out by the Department for Companies
  • Actions to intensify contacts in order to exchange knowledge and experience between WARiE employees and employees of institutions operating on the labor market
  • Cooperation with Intellectual property issues