The mission of the Institute of Automatic Control and Robotics is to conduct research in the field of control, robotics and signal processing, and to offer a didactic program that is largely inspired by this research. The main research topics in the Unit include:

  • modeling, advanced control and estimation methods
  • automated vehicles and mobile robotics
  • image processing, sound and measurement systems
  • applications of robotics, including the fields of medicine and rehabilitation

The Institute was founded in 2017 at the Faculty of Computing of the Poznan University of Technology. It was composed of employees from previously operating research units at the Faculty, i.e. the Division of Control and Systems Engineering and the Division of Computer Engineering.

The co-founder and first director of the Institute was Prof. Krzysztof Kozłowski, D.Sc., Eng., who held his position until the end of the statutory term of office, i.e. until mid-2020. His deputy and deputy director for scientific affairs was Prof. Adam Dabrowski, D.Sc., Eng.

From the beginning of 2020, after the restructuring of the university, the Institute of Automatic Control and Robotics is part of the new Faculty of Control, Robotics and Electrical Engineering. In the term of office that started in September 2020, the director of the Institute is Dariusz Pazderski, D.Sc., Eng., the deputy and deputy director for scientific affairs is PUT Prof. Maciej Michałek, D.Sc., Eng, and the deputy director for didactics - Paweł Pawłowski, Ph.D., Eng.  

The Institute is the organizer of two cyclical and internationally recognized scientific conferences: