Research infrastructure - Institute of Robotics and Machine Intelligence

Laboratories of Divison of Robotics (Z1)

  • Laboratory of Mobile Robots
  • Laboratory of Industrial Robots
  • Laboratory of Vision Systems
  • Laboratory of Biocybernetics

Specialized laboratory stations

  • Autonomous Melex vehicle equipped with a set of sensors and processing unit with GPU
  • Mobile industrial robot WOBiT Mobot eRunner MW for in-plant transport
  • Autonomous mobile manipulator (Robot 4.0) equipped with a cooperative arm
  • Autonomous walking robot (quadruped) ANYbotics ANYmal B
  • Unitree A1 walking robot (quadruped)
  • Kuka KR200 industrial robots - 3 pcs.
  • ABB IRB120 industrial robots - 3 pcs.

List of specialized research equipment

  • Optitrack portable reference positioning system (set of ~10 cameras)
  • 3D laser scanners: Ouster OS1-128, Ouster OS0-64, 2x SICK MRS6122
  • Workswell WIC640 thermal imaging camera
  • Several DGPS units ublox ZED-F9P
  • Several inertial measurement units (AHRS) Xsense MTI
  • UR3 force/torque and RGB-D sensors for handling and manipulation tasks

Laboratories of Divison of Industrial Control and Electronics (Z2)

  • Research laboratory of drive systems control,
  • Research laboratory of industrial control systems,
  • Research laboratory of industrial electronics.

Specialized laboratory stands

  • An originally developed test bench for precision direct drives with permanent magnet synchronous motor and microprocessor control system.
  • An originally developed test stand for electric drives in mechatronic systems with limited stiffness taking into account backlash and friction effects, with microprocessor control systems.
  • An original test stand for the development and design of fault-tolerant control systems for electric drives; it consists of a multi-machine system, an original solution of a power electronic converter with an option of fault emulation and a dedicated microprocessor control system.
  • An original test bench for the synthesis and development of control systems for drives with switched reluctance motors; the stand includes several machine units, eddy current dynamometers and custom control systems.
  • An original test bench for the development of control systems with new types of electric drives, including SynRM type motors
  • Test benches for testing and development of drive and control systems for electric bicycles, electric scooters and personal transport devices; the test stands include proprietary microprocessor control systems, battery banks, dynamometers, sets of power electronic converters and electric motors
  • Proprietary designs of non-standard electric vehicles, including a bicycle with electric energy transfer and an advanced distributed control system
  • Research and training stations for the development, analysis and testing of industrial computer networks; these stations include laboratory sets of PLCs (from Siemens, Moeller, B&R), proprietary models of industrial processes and devices, and own solutions for network security testing systems
  • Research and teaching stations for the development, analysis and testing of building automation networks, including KNX and LCN network solutions, Trend Controls controllers
  • Research and teaching stations for the development, analysis and testing of control systems with reprogrammable devices such as FPGAs

List of specialist research equipment

  • Digital oscilloscopes equipped with specialized measuring probes and extension cards for testing and measurements in power electronics and control systems
  • Power electronic converters and multi-machine drive systems, including in-house development of drive system automation systems
  • Specialized power supplies, including programmable power supplies up to 1 kW
  • Typhoon HIL (Hardware in the Loop) for testing and design of control systems
  • Specialized signal processor and FPGA reprogrammable circuits
  • Elvis II workstation (National Instruments) for rapid prototyping of electronic circuits
  • Analog current loop calibrator
  • Thermovision camera
  • EMC spectrum analyser
  • PC-class computer sets

List of specialized software

  • Matlab program with several libraries in the field of design and analysis of control systems, including systems using machine learning methods
  • MatCAD program supporting mathematical computing
  • Software tools for design and simulation of electronic circuits, PCB design, EMC analysis: KiCad EDA, Altium Designer, LTspice (by Analog Device)
  • Software tools for programming microprocessor systems and FPGAs: VisualDSP, CrossCore DSP, STM32CubeIDE
  • Python software with libraries, mathematical software Octave, Scilab with Xcos.
  • Network analysis software Wireshark
  • Utility software for network systems LAMP, XAMPP, MySQL

Laboratories of the Divison of Automatic Control and Optimization (Z3)

  • Laboratory of Devices of Automation and Actuators
  • Laboratory of Control Basics and of Adaptive and Robust Control
  • Laboratory of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Laboratory of System Identification

Specialized laboratory stands

List of specialized research equipment

List of specialized software

  • QUARC Autonomous Software (Quanser) - Qdrone unmanned aerial vehicle control simulator
  • MATLAB/Simulink software