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Research infrastructure - Institute of Electrical Engineering and Electronics

Division of Theoretical and Applied Electrical Engineering (Z1)

  • Laboratory of energy storage
  • Laboratory of renewable energy sources
  • Laboratory of microprocessor technology, SCADA systems and PLC controllers
  • Laboratory of electrical and electronic systems of vehicles
  • Laboratory of intelligent building

Specialized laboratory stands

  • Testing of electrochemical energy storage using a dedicated Cadex multi-channel battery tester
  • Research on the behavior of energy storage in dynamic states, equipped with a high-precision electronic load KIKUSUI with a power supply enabling charging and discharging cells in various operating modes (CV, CC, CP, CR and their combinations) and cyclic operation
  • Testing of battery packs equipped with systems for managing the operation of cell packets
  • Simultaneous time analysis of electricity production, instantaneous power and electrical parameters of photovoltaic modules installed in a uniaxial and biaxial solar tracking system with astronomical and sensor control and in a stationary structure in conditions of real solar radiation - uniaxial and biaxial tracking system
  • Testing of the electrical parameters of the third generation HJT Bi-facial cell module in SmartWire technology, double-sided photovoltaic modules and flexible CIGS modules in cooperation with SolarEdge power optimizers
  • ALS-G3-1369 commissioning system with ADSP-21369 SHARC® Processor signal processor and specialized P3-50 / 550MFE LABINVERTER power electronic converter
  • S7-1200 PLC controllers with TIA Portal software enabling the implementation of industrial process control systems
  • Tests of ignition and injection systems, common rail diesel engine control, comfort with CAN bus, ABS / ASR braking force regulation, sensors in vehicles, lambda sensors, air flow meters, actuators in vehicles, starters and car alternators
  • Research on Teletask and Deimic wired building automation systems

List of specialized research equipment

  • EA-ELR-9250-210 electronic load for testing energy storage up to 10,500 W (210 A)
  • Panasonic MIR-154-PE temperature chamber
  • Cadex C8000 battery tester equipped with a Cadex Load Capture Unit booster and a Hopetech CHT 3554 internal resistance meter
  • High precision electronic load KIKUSUI PLZ205W with PSB 2800L power supply
  • A set of systems for testing PULSAR 3+ batteries
  • SolarEdge P370W power optimizers, Enphase IQ7, Enecsys P240, SMA inverters
  • Bosch KTS 570 and KTS 590 computer diagnoscopes
  • AutoCOM ADP 186, AS 5051 and Escort diagnoscopes

List of specialized software

  • Cadex BatteryLab enabling control of the Cadex C8000 tester and supervision of program execution using a computer, design and programming of user load profiles, real-time display of the current results of the procedures performed,
  • Citect SCADA environment enabling research, implementation and development
  • of SCADA control and visualization systems applications for industrial processes and electricity generation systems in cooperation with PLC controllers and other devices using standard transmission protocols,
  • ESI [tronic] software by Bosch, supporting the work of diagnostics and car services,
  • ProSoft environment for the Teletask system enabling programming, testing and visualization of processes and functions of the building automation system.

Division of Power Electronics and Control (Z2)

  • Laboratory of power electronics
  • Laboratory of electronic circuits
  • Laboratory of microcontrollers and computer communication interfaces
  • Laboratory of programmable PLC controllers
  • Laboratory of programmable PLD circuits
  • Laboratory of signal processors
  • Computer laboratory of selected signal processing methods

Specialized laboratory stands

  • Tektronix TDS 3034 digital oscilloscopes
  • Tektronix TDS 5034 digital oscilloscope
  • National Instruments PXI computer measurement system
  • ALS-G4-1489 development board with SHARC® 4th generation processor
  • P3-50-550MFE power electronic converter from the LABINVERTER family for use in prototype systems and education
  • Development systems for recording and processing signals: ALS-M800
  • ALS-M801
  • Laboratory stand for testing modern and conventional rectifier systems
  • Laboratory stand for testing AC thyristor controllers and soft-start systems
  • Laboratory stand for testing DC-DC converters
  • Laboratory stand for testing single-phase and three-phase voltage inverters
  • Laboratory stands for testing discrete electronic components
  • Laboratory stands for testing analogy electronic circuits
  • Laboratory stands for testing digital electronic circuits
  • Laboratory stands for learning the basics of microcontroller programming
  • Laboratory stands with SMT32WB55 systems for designing, commissioning and testing modern communication interfaces
  • Laboratory stands with Nvidia Jetson Nano SI systems for testing embedded systems within the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence systems
  • Laboratory stand for testing PLC systems
  • Laboratory workstations with FPGA 10M08DAF256C8GES programmable systems from Intel from the MAX10 family, enabling the creation of systems using hardware description languages
  • Laboratory stands with programmable Altera MAX II EPM1270 systems
  • Laboratory stands with ALS-G3-1369 development systems, equipped with ADSP-21369 signal processors

Division of Mechatronics and Electrical Machines (Z3)

  • Laboratory of electrodynamics
  • Laboratory of electrical machines
  • Laboratory of electromagnetic elements and automation actuators
  • Laboratory of automation of mechatronic elements
  • Laboratory of computer methods in electromobility

Specialized laboratory stands

  • Software Environment LabVIEW 2020 with Compact-RIO and modules to temperature, speed and position measurement - research license
  • Industrial electric motor tester Motor Analyser 2, the instrument enables diagnostics of electric motors, stators, rotors, transformers, coils and windings
  • Electromagnetic Field Meter SMP-2 with measuring probes: WPF-3, WP-400, WPH-DC
  • Electromagnetic Field Meters: Maschek ESM-100, Gigahertz NFA 1000
  • FLIR thermal imaging camera type T 440
  • Acoustic camera PCE-MSV 10
  • Specialized electric motor test bench equipped with National Instruments measuring cards for recording: currents (NI9247) and voltages (NI9242), diagnostic signals from measuring sensors (NI9229), temperature (NI9212) and stress (NI9237)
  • Four-channel vibration and noise analyser SVAN 912 AE
  • Epstein apparatus for measuring the loss of magnetic sheets
  • Rode & Schwartz analyser with an attachment for testing electromagnetic emission of cables

List of specialized software

  • Software for the analysis of electromagnetic field: ANSYS Electronics - Maxwell, MagNET
  • The Comsol Multiphysics Software for the analysis of coupled phenomena in electromagnetic transducers
  • Matlab scientific and engineering calculation software
  • 2D and 3D digital modelling and prototyping software: Autodesk AutoCAD, Inventor, 3ds MAX
  • Automation Studio B&R

Division of Metrology, Electronics and Lighting Engineering (Z4)

  • Laboratory of the fundamentals of metrology
  • Laboratory of the electronic measurement systems
  • Laboratory of electronic and measurement circuits
  • Laboratory of basics of lighting engineering
  • Laboratory of psychophysiology of vision
  • Laboratory of visual performance
  • Laboratory of optical radiation
  • Laboratory of photometry and lighting equipment
  • Laboratory of computer class
  • Laboratory of electrothermal

Specialized laboratory stands

  • Network-integrated set of 12 laboratory stations for remote and stationary measurements of electrical quantities
  • Network-integrated set of 12 Siemens S7-1200 programmable logic controllers and touch panels with direct and remote access
  • 12 workstations for practically building and using virtual measuring instruments with DAQ cards
  • Laboratory stands for power quality assessment and identification of disturbing loads
  • 12 stands with smart meters (AMI) Elgama GAMA 300 type G3G.546 with SmartGamaLink software enabling their remote control and configuration
  • Microscopic thermal imaging station for diagnostics of electronic circuits at close range
  • Stands for learning the basics of microcontroller programming
  • Service and mounting workstations for electronic circuits
  • Fully equipped photometric laboratory (Ulbricht spheres, photometers, goniophotometers, laboratory lux meters, luminous flux and luminous intensity standards).
  • Spectral and colorimetric measurements. Spectroradiometers: GL Optic Spectis 1.0 Touch, GL Optic Spectis 6.0, X-Rite SP-60, Gigahertz Optic X4
  • Measurements of luminance distributions on roads using a CCD luminance meter by Techno Team LMK 98-4
  • A laboratory stand for testing the visual performance of drivers, equipped with a driving simulator
  • Stand for measuring the influence of temperature on electrical, photometric and colorimetric properties of LED’s
  • Induction heating stations (10kW, 40-100kHz; 2kW, 100kHz), capacitive (3.5kW, 27MHz) and chamber resistance heating (up to 2000oC)
  • Stands for determining the efficiency of general use electrothermal devices

List of specialized research instruments/stands

  • VigoCAM v50 thermal imaging camera and a FLIR E50 with an additional macro lens
  • Rigol DS1054Z digital oscilloscopes with remote access and control
  • Rigol DG1022Z generators with remote access and control
  • Rigol DM3058 multimeters with remote access control
  • GW Instek GPP2323 power supplies with remote access control
  • NTi Audio XL2 analyzer for acoustic measurements
  • Tektronix DPO7104 digital oscilloscope with a touch screen
  • Tektronix TPS2024 digital oscilloscope with galvanically isolated channels
  • HP3458A multimeter
  • Fluke 5500A Calibrator
  • 8-channels OpenBCI Cyton Board for EEG / EMG / ECG Monitoring
  • Set for measuring power and energy and a precise current source LDX 3525
  • UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometer (Jasco V-670) with equipment (ILN-750) for diffusion measurements
  • UV-VIS-NIR spectrometers (C9406GC and C10082CA manufactured by Hamamatsu)
  • Imaging Luminance Measuring Devices LMK 98-4
  • Ulbricht’s spheres
  • Different types of colorimeters
  • VIS spectroradiometers: GL Optic, Gigahertzoptic
  • CENTER 303/309 temperature meters with NiCr-NiAl probes
  • CA 1950 thermal imaging camera
  • PX 110 wattmeters
  • GM8903 anemometer
  • Advantech USB temperature recorders
  • HT204 solar radiation meters
  • Lux meters and radiation meters: L-200, L-100, L-50, TES 1336A, LPX

List of specialized software

  • Tia Portal V17 environment for programming control systems with Siemens PLC devices
  • Siemens WinCC environment for the implementation of SCADA systems
  • Autodesk AutoCAD and SolidWorks modeling software
  • LabVlEW environment by National lnstruments for programming virtual instruments, remote measurements, acquisition of signals with DAQ cards.
  • Electronic circuit simulation software: TinaTI, LTSpice
  • SmartGamaLink software for configuration and remote reading of AMI smart electricity meters by Elgama
  • Lighting modelling and visualization software: Dialux Evo, Relux, 3ds Max