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The beginnings of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering date back to February 1930 when first teaching classes were held. The Faculty, however, was formally established on 15 October 1929 by the Resolution of the Ministry of Religious Denominations and Public Enlightenment, which changed the name of the school to the State Higher School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, creating two faculties - Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. In the first period of activity of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (1930-1939), study programmes lasted 3.5 years, and graduates obtained the title of electrical technologist.

The first year of study was run jointly for the Faculties of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. The outbreak of the Second World War interrupted the activity of the School and the Faculty. In the first months of occupation, a German Ingenieur-Schule was established in the school building. It stopped operating in January 1945, when Red Army tanks approached the city. Despite the devastation of the equipment and the building located at the current Plac M. Skłodowskiej Curie 5, the teaching process was started by lecturers as early as 15 April 1945. In August 1945, diplomas were obtained by graduates who since April continued their studies interrupted by the war. The Decree of the Ministry of Education of 3 September 1945 ordered the reorganization of the State Higher School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and changed it into the Engineering School with three faculties: Construction, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.

On the basis of the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of 3 September 1955, the Engineering School and the Engineering Night School were merged to form Poznan University of Technology. A second type of academic activity - scientific research and training of academic staff - was started at the Faculty. In 2001, in connection with the creation of the Faculty of Computing and Management, three institutes and one chair remained in the structure of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, which was transformed into the Institute of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering. By the Resolution of the Academic Senate of Poznan University of Technology of 25 June 2003, the Inter-Faculty Institute of Mathematics joined the Faculty of Electrical Engineering as another organizational unit. In January 2020, the unit changed its name into the Faculty of Automatic Control, Robotics and Electrical Engineering. The new organizational structure is made up of four institutes: Automatic Control and Robotics, Electrical Engineering and Industrial Electronics, Mathematics, Robotics and Machine Intelligence.