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From 18 to 24 August 2023, Poznan city and the Poznan University of Technology will host the world Boccia competition for the second time. In the sports hall Wojciech Weiss, the Sports Center of the Poznan University of Technology, organized by the Polish Boccia Association based in Poznan together with the World Boccia Sports Federation (WorldBoccia - BISFed) - an organization managing this discipline on behalf of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). "Challenger" was held under the patronage of the Polish Paralympic Committee, and the Poznan University of Technology became a partner of the competition. A high-ranking tournament - almost 200 players from 30 countries from four continents will take part, including the Polish national team.

Boccia is the fastest growing Paralympic sport in the world. In boccia, the goal is similar to boules - to place the ball of your color as close as possible to the cue ball, the so-called "jack". Boccia is played by people with the most severe disabilities who use wheelchairs. In the International Paralympic Committee, Boccia players belong to the AHSN group - Athletes Requiring High Support in most life activities, including self-service, as well as in training and playing. Boccia players are characterized by severe motor dysfunction, muscle weakness visible in all four limbs. Boccia is a sophisticated game that requires concentration and extreme precision because one well-placed ball throw can dramatically change the course of the game. The success of the game depends on the player's intelligence, mathematical memory, and strategy.

The Poznan Challenger will be one of several tournaments organized around the world this year, the aim of which is to qualify for the Paralympic Games in Paris in 2024. A possible promotion to the most prestigious event of four years would be historic - no Pole in Boccia has achieved such a result. Our national team has just returned from the European Championships in Rotterdam, where they won three silver and one bronze medals, so our players will be hungry for more successes.

The Poznan University of Technology has already hosted three boccia competitions from around the world in 2018, 2019 and last year. The Sports Center provides the best conditions in Poznan for organizing competitions in which only wheelchair users compete.

The official opening of the tournament is scheduled for Saturday, August 19 at 14:00 in the sports hall of the Center. It will be honored by the presence of the Rector of the Poznan University of Technology, prof. Teofil Jesionowski and the performance of the Folk Dance Group "Poligrodzianie".

Poznan 2023 World Boccia Challenger schedule

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